Shoe Care Tips and Tricks

If you want beautiful shoes which you will be able to wear for more then one season you will need shoe cosmetics: brushes, cremes, impregnation sprays…

Smooth leather

First, you have to brush smooth leather shoes to remove old layers of shoe creme. Then use the brush with real hair to apply a little bit of new layer of creme and leave shoes to dry off. When shoes are dry, brush them off again and they will look like a new ones!


You will have to use brush especially made for NUBUCK and for persistent dirt use soft eraser which will keep material from damaging. After you finish cleaning, clean the eraser. When you are done cleaning use the impregnation spray and leave them to dry off. It is recommended to apply impregnation spray two times in a week.


Use the brush especially design for VELOUR and for stains use brushes in stone for VELOUR. After that, use impregnation spray to refresh colors and protect them from water. It is for the best to use impregnation spray in open space so that you don’t inhale fumes. If you are using more then one sprays for protection, make 2-3 hours gap between applying. If you are using impregnation spray on bright leather make sure that you bought the right one that will not make color stains on your shoes.

Polish shoes

These kind of shoes are using special creme that is especially designed for them since they are extremely sensitive. Do not use brush when you apply shoe creme since you can damage the top layer of the shoe. Use the soft rag for cleaning the dust of the shoes. Then use the creme and shoes.

Checking the shoes

  • Check the shoe for heel stabilization which can be found on top of the heel. His function is to stable kids foot during the walk. If that part of the shoe is to soft then that is not the right shoe for your kid. Avoid too soft heel stabilization.
  • Check the flexibility of the shoe. Shoe must be flexible but not in the way that you can completely band it.
  • Check for the middle of the shoe, which have to be solid enough to prevent twisting of the foot. To check this grab the shoe with the both hands, grabbing the edges of the shoe, and try to twist it in opposite directions and if you feel like you doing it way to easy then avoid those kind of shoes.


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