How to choose the first baby shoes?

Before your baby begins to stand alone and make their first steps, you don’t need to buy them shoes.

In the house, in the beginning, baby can walk barefoot, in socks or soft shoes, because of that, child will improve coordination of the feet and the legs.

What kind of shoes are best for your baby?

The first shoes for a baby must be soft and elastics to provide balance for the feet. However, it shouldn’t be too soft, it will not provide stability, or not too hard because it will prevents normal flexion of the foot.

The material from which shoes should be made of  is natural materials in which “foot breathes” to avoid sweating. The shoe shouldn’t be too narrow or too wide, so the child can walk normal.

How often do you need to buy shoes?

The child’s foot should be checked every month, because every toddler’s foot grows differently. Expect that in the beginning you will have to buy shoes for your toddler every 3 to 6 months (approximately every season).  It’s important to follow how children foot grow, and is it a shoe appropriate size.


What to look for when buying shoes?

It is very important to choose the period of time when you are buying shoes for the baby. In the afternoon is best time to buy shoes, when the baby naps :), otherwise search for shoes can be uncomfortable for both of you.

Also, be prepared that you will be need plenty of time to find appropriate shoes, because baby will spend few seconds in them. If you notice that your child have problem with walking in the certain shoes, select another pair.

Why it is important to carefully choose the shoes for a child?

If shoes are not appropriate and do not provide adequate support, can lead to permanent deformity of the foot, ingrown nail – which can be extremely dangerous, sweats – which can lead to irritation of the foot …

So don’t listen to those who will tell you that your baby needs some time to get used to the shoes.  If you notice that your baby had problems with shoes, find some that match, because when they are comfortable, very quickly they get used to them.



5 tips for a successful purchase

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  • Choose the appropriate material from which are made shoes, natural leather or cloth that can be washed in the washing machine, is the best choice. Choose material according the season for which you are buying, because the shoes are supposed to protect from sharp objects, but also from rain, snow and hot asphalt during the summer.
  • You must take into account the material from which it is made sole. The best is semi-soft soles, which have a hard heel part and the flexible front part. You should also pay attention to non slip shoes, so the child shouldn’t hurt.
  • For the first pair of shoes is the best choose the ones with laces, so the child will not be able to take off independently. Only later you can buy the ones with velcro so the kids can independently take off shoes.
  • Approximately 0.23 inch shoes can be bigger, so you don’t need to buy new ones every month.
  • You have to replace the shoes if you notice any signs of pressure, blister or redness.